VEDO’s Intentional 7

Photographed by Christopher Claxton, Photo Editor

VEDO, the two-times platinum singer-songwriter whose journey from a hopeful contestant on NBC’s The Voice to an accomplished independent artist has been nothing short of remarkable. While the vocalist makes it a personal responsibility to sing truth to purpose with every note and harmony, he knows that anything worth singing, is worth fighting for; his newest album “7” is a testament to that.

A protégé of Usher and a Michigan native — VEDO knows good music and makes good music; because there’s a difference.

The singer’s speaking voice is as symphonious as his vocals, alluding gratefulness as he talks about the new release. “7 albums later and people are still listening, I’m feeling good” he said. “When “7” skyrocketed to #1 on the charts, it felt like a dream come true. It’s the fastest any of my albums has gone #1.”

Photographed by Christopher Claxton, Photo Editor

VEDO says the success of “7” was swift. “It was instant. Let’s me know that the fans were waiting, people are listening, people are watching,” he added.

His songwriting credits are as stellar as his voice, having written for OG Parker, Baby Tate, Usher, and Chris Brown — a frequent collaborator. His new album showcases his entire arsenal of songwriting skills.

“The number 7 represents a lot,” VEDO said of the meaning behind the project’s title. “Growth, knowledge, intellect, wisdom — it represents me in so many ways.” Over the course of seven albums spanning 10–13 years, VEDO’s journey has been transformative. Each record marked a milestone in his personal and artistic evolution.

Photographed by Christopher Claxton, Photo Editor

The inspiration for “7″ wasn’t a simple revelation; it emerged from VEDO’s creativity. After releasing his previous album, “Mood Swings,” in January, “I thought to myself, ‘You must get back in the studio,’” he recalls. From January onward, he did just that — record, record, and record some more. He crafted over 90 songs during this period. “The inspiration came from my will and my want to create,” he said.

Intentionality is essential to VEDO. The songs on his newest project speak to that, but the singer is one of the most consistent artists in contemporary music. With all-star production credits from Camper, and songwriting that’s made VEDO one of the You-Should-Know pens in the industry, “7” is a recipe of the best ingredients for good and sexy R&B music.

VEDO’s music is a tapestry of stories, and one of the album’s tracks, a collaboration with Lecrae, stands out as a motivational anthem. It tells the story of reaching heights of success — the journey that’s often filled with distractions. “A lot of people pray when things are bad, and they want something to happen. Not enough of us pray when things are good too,” VEDO said. “You need prayer more when things are going well.”

Photographed by Christopher Claxton, Photo Editor

While VEDO’s heart (and sound) will always belong to rhythm and blues, his current musical preferences lean more toward rap. Artists like J. Cole, Future, and Jay Fizzle fill his playlist. That difference in genre has him searching. VEDO believes that something vital is missing in contemporary music, especially in R&B — soul. “The gospel is missing,” he laments. “The feeling of an R&B record from start to finish is missing.” He’s convinced that music today lacks the depth and effort required to create a genuine emotional connection with the audience.

VEDO feels a sense of responsibility. He believes in promoting Black love, marriage, and strong families through his music. “The gatekeepers should really start promoting Black love,” he insists. “There’s strength in numbers.” Drawing parallels with legendary artists like Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone, and James Brown, VEDO recognizes the power of his platform. He understands that his music can be a force for positive change. He aims to inspire others to use their talents for the greater good.

Photographed by Christopher Claxton, Photo Editor