Rep. Jasmine Crockett Launches ‘Clapback Collection’ After Epic Congressional Cuss Out

“So we are going to drop “A Crockett Clapback Collection.” The Congresswoman announced on X.

Last Thursday, social media was ablaze after Rep. Marjorie Taylor commented on Crockett’s appearance saying, “I think your fake eyelashes are messing up what you’re reading,” to which Rep. Crockett fired back by calling her a “bleach blonde, bad-built, butch body.”

Here’s a clip of the exchange:

When asked if Rep. Crockett regretted her comments, she said no. It’s unclear whether Taylor was asked the same question—especially since her comments started the exchange.

The first item is going to be a black tee emblazoned with the now-iconic words (in white), “Bleach Blonde Bad Built Butch Body.”