LISTEN: Interview with Luce Cannon and Charisse Mills of UrbanFlixTV’s “Baddie and the Beast”

Charisse Mills says that rapper/producer Luce Cannon made her feel safe from the first day he approached her mother and asked to buy her a drink. Two years later, he has not wavered. In hip-hop years, that’s an eternity. Cannon, a creative whose been linked to some of the biggest names in the culture, says that Charisse’s positivity and lack of an ulterior motive attracted him to her immediately.

The two star in and are the executive producers of the UrbanflixTV show, “Baddie and the Beast.” The show has already aired three episodes of unfiltered reality TV and audiences are hooked. There’s no fake storylines, this is a real love story with a lived-in experience as the two along their friends and family journey through life. Watch the trailer below:

Charisse, a classically-trained vocalist can sing in six languages. The Queens, NY-native (originally of Trinidadian descent) studied under world-renown vocalists Steven Kaplan and Hilda Harris. Mills recalls traveling the world and often being judged for her looks and being too urban to perform. Despite that, the singer has sung for two sitting presidents—George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson.

On the For Us By Us Network, she starred in “Pump” and “Entanglement,” but the singer is most widely known for her appearances on Zeus Network as Bad & Boujee on “One Mo Chance.” Her most popular single, “Champagne” was co-written by French Montana and features of the rapper.

Luce Cannon is one of the biggest producers in hip-hop. The south-central LA and self-proclaimed King of LA has collaborated with the likes of: Nipsey Hussle, Drakeo the Ruler, and Drake who he opened for on a national tour. Luce Cannon’s ability to infuse life’s experiences with the triumphs and tragedies in his musicianship makes him one of the most sought-after producers in hip-hop.

Listen to my full interview with the couple over lunch at STK in Manhattan’s midtown location below:

On episode eight of “Baddie and the Beast,” there’s going to be a robbery attempt. Allegedly, that robbery attempt is linked to a famous ex-girlfriend of Luce Cannon’s. Together with the mother of his child who, according to Charisse, goes by “JD” allegedly attempted the break-in while Luce Cannon was out of town. Listen to his take on the break in below:

“Baddie and the Beast” airs on UrbanFlixTV.