Celebrity Stylist Angel Neal launched her luxury leather goods collection earlier this year to fanfare. In a special interview with fellow stylist Lee’Arthur, the two talk business of fashion, Black handbags, and launching a brand.

In 2020, I saw a magnificent change in the accessories market. The George Floyd protest not only brought awareness to social justice and police brutality, but it also impacted one of the biggest moments for African-American designers.

The BLACK OUT sales day impacted the accessories industry for Black handbag designers in a major way. African-American buying power came to the forefront and the consumer market took notice. The phrase Blackout Day first surfaced in 2015 on Tumblr as an effort to showcase Black artists and creators and combat negative stereotypes Black people have endured, according to CBS. In 2020, BLACK OUT DAY, was enacted as a response to national outrage over the murders of George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks and Breonna Taylor along with Ahmaud Arbery. During the pandemic when our nation was under lockdown, there was also a break in creativity — especially within the Black community.

The luxury market, filled with names such as Telfar, Brandon Blackwood, Ashya, Anima Iris, and Vavvoune all began to become popular with their one-of-a-kind designs powered by celebrity endorsements. We all remember the iconic white Telfar Beyonce moment, right?

Three years later, in 2023 an amazing designer Angel, introduced her accessories line, ANiCE By. Angel. The Quality and structure of the new hit handbags has made waves in the industry and joins the above names as a successful addition to the All Black Everything Club.

The new hot accessories are a finishing touch for every individual. ANiCE’s creative director, Angel Neal — which is also a celebrity stylist, and the publisher and editor-in-chief of the popular independent publication Disrupshion Magazine, interviewed with us about the collection, inspiration, and the process for progress.

LA | Black-owned bag companies are having a moment. What made you want to join the movement and produce ANiCE’ by Angel?

AN | I wanted to change the myth that smaller Black-owned luxury brands do not hold value. I wanted to create something I could be proud of. I’ve always been a lover of statement jewelry and handbags. Initially I started a jewelry collection, but I knew it was time to enter the handbag sector, because I never leave the house without one. I spent time researching the history of handbags, fabrics and creating relationships with manufacturers.

LA | The craftsmanship on your bags is superior to a lot of your contemporaries. What was the process like, to perfect your prototypes?

AN | I wanted to be intentional about making the bags multipurpose. I wanted to be sustainable, and I wanted the leather to be breathable. The process was extensive, but I loved being so hands on. As the brand grows, I’ll continue to make sure I’m part of every step in the design process because I learned a lot about myself and the do’s and don’ts of production.

LA | Your shapes are quite unique. I’ve not seen any like them on the market. What’s the inspiration behind the silhouette for the ANiCE’ bags?

AN | The ANiCE’ motto is contemporary silhouettes, forever icons: Made for Main characters. I like the idea of quiet luxury, so although the logo is minimal, the structure and silhouettes of the bags are very unique and reflects my love for a celebration of disruption in fashion. The bag styles are in a way unconventional but very functional designed with the intent to make a statement wherever the ANiCE’ woman or guy may go. Our best seller, the “Rumi” bag, I consider to be a carefully crafted investment piece that is timeless. Every woman deserves to own a Rumi.

LA | Everyone has a person in mind for when they’re designing. Who is the quintessential ANiCE’ girl/guy? Where are they going? What are their interests? Why are the bags shaped the way they are to fit their lifestyle?

AN | The ANiCE’ customer knows accessories are the heartbeat to their outfit. She’s experimental but values making a statement. On paper if I had to have a muse it would be a mixture of Solange, Zendaya and Ryan Destiny. These women embody main character energy, they are not afraid to be edgy, to keep it simple or to play with fashion. Our handbags are designed with the intent of making each piece fit into the wearer’s unique lifestyle. But if you’re wearing ABA you know you are That Girl.

LA | Let’s get back to Black ownership. ANiCE’ IS a luxury brand. Why is it important for Black brands to have equity (ownership) in the luxury market?

AN | In all honesty, Black Americans have long been avid buyers of high-end goods. Therefore in front and behind the scenes our talents should reflect our contribution to being shapeshifters in the luxury sector. It’s deeper than just cultural representation, it’s about reflecting the wealth of Black identities and experiences and it starts with representation of ownership. There’s a lot of Black luxury handbag brands that walked so I could run and that gave me the courage to know I can do it too. To me it’s not about competition either, because I feel like we all deserve a seat at the table. I love supporting Black brands and it’s our time right now.

LA | As a celebrity stylist, you bring a certain amount of experience to your brand that a lot of other designers don’t have. Can you talk about the studying you did beforehand that ANiCE’ has benefitted from when it comes to developing your brand?

AN | The key to styling clients it’s not only about what looks good, it’s what feels good. So while doing the legwork for ABA I had to be considerate of that. Styling comes naturally to me and after doing the research, actually creating mood boards in my design process made me more confident in the story I wanted my brand to tell. As a celebrity stylist you meet so many different personalities but one thing they have in common, they want to look good.


Celebrity Stylist Angel Neal launched her luxury leather goods collection earlier this year to fanfare. In a special interview with fellow stylist Lee’Arthur, the two talk business of fashion, Black handbags, and launching a brand.